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You already know that the best way to get people to support what you're doing is to get more people to like you and empathize with what you are doing. Public Relations involves the science and art of persuading people to feel better about you and what you do.

The principal of The Cheek Agency is best known for his ability to wrap his mind around the big picture. The purpose of getting the big picture is  that it allows him to get a clear understanding of the problem and the best ways to find the solution that will get our clients the results they want. In the process of doing this, The Cheek Agency uses every technique at its disposal  to create an accurate assessment of the situation in order to make correct recommendations as a step towards implementing a strategy that will yield the results desired by the client.

The Cheek Agency has studied a variety of philosophies, techniques, strategies, etc. in order to be familiar with the very best practices involved with getting the desired outcomes for our clients.

Public Relations
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As One Ministries, Inc. has been a customer of TCA since 2004.  TCA  has always delivered professional services to our agency in a spirit of excellence.  From development of our Annual Report to website design and maintenance, they are always there to deliver prompt and courteous service.  We highly recommend TCA to anyone that desires top quality service at affordable prices.
Angela T. Dreher,
CEO, As One Ministries, Inc.
You are brilliant.  You are the greatest. 

Denise Surratt
Author and Life Coach

The principal of The Cheek Agency has individually and as a member of teams provided services for the following companies:

Alcatel-(Boston area and San Jose, California), Coca Cola (Atlanta), IBM, The Walt Disney Company, Indianapolis Power and Light, United Telephone of Florida, Pennsylvania State Troopers, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Legal Support Bureau, WBER, Coastal Communications, C & W Services, Async, MKS Instruments, Unisys, AT&T Optima Card, Atlantic City Casino Association, Jacksonville School District, Cease Homes, Fuji Film, Worldspan, Delta Airlines-(Atlanta), Vistakon, Barnett Bank, U.S. Achievement. MKS Instruments (Boston Area), Async, Worldspan, ITW Paslode-(Schaumburg, Illinois), Baxter Pharmaceuticals-(Houston), Status, Inc., NCR(National Cash Register), and others.

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